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49ers' Randy Moss not getting targets, playing time

The 49ers weren't sure what they would get when they signed Randy Moss and so far the answer has been, not much.

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

When the San Francisco 49ers signed Randy Moss during the offseason, no one knew what to expect. Did Moss have anything left in the tank after a year away from football? Could he be the big play wide receiver the 49ers were lacking? Through three games, Moss' role with the 49ers still remains somewhat unsettled, but he's yet to have the immediate impact some were hoping for.

Moss has caught eight passes for 88 yards and a touchdown this season while playing roughly one-third of the 49ers offensive snaps. What kind of impact Moss has over the final 13 games is the major question. According to Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News, Moss answered "next question" when asked if he'd like to play more.

Moss may want a bigger role, but Kawakami points out that while he still may have straight line speed, Moss is "creaky in his cuts, doesn't have great extension when Alex Smith's passes aren't right to him, isn't a blocker." If Moss is going to work his way into a bigger role this season, it will likely start in practice.

Maybe age has finally caught up with Moss and this is the end of the line. Or maybe he is still working his way into the offense and will make the splash the 49ers were hoping for when they signed him. Through three games, Moss has been an afterthought, but he's yet to be a distraction off the field and there is always the possibility that a flash or two of the old Randy Moss will still come this season.