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49ers Vs. Packers Blog Reaction: No Elite Quarterback, No Problem

Alex Smith has been much maligned in the NFL since he arrived, but now the fans in San Francisco are laying off the former No. 1 overall pick. The San Francisco 49ers have put pieces around him, and while he may not be capable of carrying a bad team, Smith has shown he won't hurt a very good one.

After the 49ers' victory over the Green Bay Packers and superstar Aaron Rodgers in Week 1 of NFL play, Tre9er over at Niners Nation pointed out the advantages of a team in San Francisco that isn't reliant upon a star under center.

Sure, everyone would love to have an Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady...but if it causes you to lose sight of deficiencies in other areas, if you have to completely rely on that guy, to live and die by his performance and/or health...well that's just a risky proposition to me.

The 49ers have built one of the best defenses in the league. Their special teams unit is nothing to laugh at. He has a core group of talented running backs and enough receivers to call the offense dangerous. No, Alex Smith isn't bad, but he doesn't need to have the pressure of the world on him anymore. He can be himself.

Beating Rodgers and the Packers 30-22 was representative of that.

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