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San Francisco 49ers Preseason: Colin Kaepernick Still Backup QB

The San Francisco 49ers have yet to make any significant changes in their quarterback depth chart. Alex Smith is of course still the starter. Colin Kaepernick remains solidly entrenched in the second spot. David Fucillo has the story from Niners Nation.

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh chatted with the media today and he confirmed that Colin Kaepernick remains the number two quarterback even with the competition still ongoing. All four quarterbacks will get playing time, but Coach Harbaugh would not provide specifics on how many series each would play, other than to say they would all play "a good amount."

Kaepernick staying at the two-spot might mean many things for the 49ers. They might believe he's truly the best backup QB and the next best option to Smith It could also mean he sees the field as part of special offensive packages to try and be utilized for his running ability and athleticism to give the 49ers a different look under center. But right now he remains entrenched at the second spot ahead of Josh Johnson and Scott Tolzien.

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