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Michael Crabtree And The Preseason: Will He Or Won't He?

Could the 49ers finally get a preseason sighting of wide receiver Michael Crabtree? After missing the previous three preseasons due to a contract dispute (2009), a neck injury (2010) and a broken foot (2011), Crabtree may see the field this time around.

Crabtree suffered a calf injury during the 49ers opening practice on July 27 and has been rehabbing since then. On Monday morning, according to the Sacramento Bee, Crabtree joined his fellow wide receivers on the practice field for individual drills. Shoulder pads, helmet, the whole nine. It actually looked like, you know, that he was on the team and whatnot.

The 49ers start their preseason on Friday at home against Minnesota. Will Crabtree be in the lineup? We don't know yet. But it looks like this could be the closest he has been to joining the festivities in four years and that's a good sign, if anything.

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