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49ers Preseason: Frank Gore Anxious For Season to Start

The 49ers held a press conference Monday in Santa Clara where coach Jim Harbaugh and running back Frank Gore expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming season.

Gore, in particular, seemed extra eager to get back out onto the field. The star running back has been limited like most starters in the preseason, but his role is also changing a bit this year with LaMichael James, Brandon Jacobs and Kendall Hunter backing him up.

When I got out there against the Houston Texans, you know, I wanted to keep going, especially after I got the first carry and it was a pretty good run. You know, get that rhythm and keep going but I got to listen to the coach, he knows what's best for me. Whenever it's time for me to go, hopefully against Green Bay, I'll be full speed.

Coach Harbaugh also had only nice things to say about Gore, who only had two carries in the 49ers 20-9 loss against the Texans on Saturday.

He looks spry, as you put it. Expectations are always really high for Frank. You know, we've got a lot of admiration for Frank and his abilities and respect for his game. He's looking good so far; so far so good.

Expectations are high all over for the 49ers after the team made its playoff run last year. Gore said the team is at an advantage because last year they were learning the winning ways as they went onto the playoffs for the first time since 2002. Now Gore says the team is just aiming to build on that success.

Like I said before, everybody was learning last year, so there was a lot of thinking. Now, we know what we got to do, we know the looks and we can just play football, so that's why I think we look so much better this year at this point.

The 49ers next play the Denver Broncos in an exhibition game on Sunday, August 26.

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