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49ers Preseason: Alex Smith Takes Blame For Pocket Pressure

During his 21-play appearance Saturday, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith was sacked twice and hit hard a few other times. But he's not blaming his offensive line — he's blaming himself.

"Most of it was self-inflicted by me," Smith told Comcast Sports Bay Area. "The O-Line played good. ... It's tough to explain. Stupidity."

Smith attempted just nine passes on Saturday, going 5-for-9 for 49 yards against the Houston Texans defense. Over the course of two drives, Smith led the 49ers to a David Akers field goal on his first drive. His second drive was cut short when an Anthony Dixon rush was stopped for no gain on fourth down after 53 yards in 12 plays.

Smith did not end up leading the 49ers in passing on Saturday, that honor went to Josh Johnson, who completed four passes for 64 yards. Rookie quarterback Colin Kaepernick also completed four passes for 19 yards. No other 49ers quarterback was sacked on the night.

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