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Brandon Jacobs Injury Update: Running Back Will Have MRI Done On Sunday

Brandon Jacobs gained eight yards on his first carry of the San Francisco 49ers preseason loss to the Houston Texans. But after those eight yards were gained, Jacobs needed help getting off the field due to a knee injury that was preventing him from putting any weight on his leg. An MRI is scheduled for Sunday.

According to the San Francisco 49ers twitter feed, head coach Jim Harbaugh says that Jacobs will miss some time but that the injury is one that you can come back from.

Jacobs and rookie running back LaMichael James are both hurt at the moment, but James will be back at practice on Monday. The 49ers loaded up on backfield depth this summer, and it will pay off if James and Jacobs miss any time. Rock Cartwright and Anthony Dixon are still available behind Frank Gore.

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