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[PHOTO] Guy Fieri Cooks For 49ers At Training Camp

When you get a game, nay a few plays, from making the Super Bowl, it's inevitable that your team starts to get more attention; some for the better, some for the worse.

A perfect example comes from San Francisco 49ers insider Matt Maiocco's instragram account, as Food network personality Guy Fieri is in attendance of San Francisco's training camp on Wednesday, cooking up a whole lot of chicken for some undoubtedly hungry players and coaches.

Yup, the Niners have hit the big time.

Personally, I would have liked to see Tom Colicchio or Anthony Bourdain doing work on the BBQ in Santa Clara, but hungry football players can't be choosers, especially with the delicious spread that Fieri looks to be cooking up.

I mean, you don't see Wolfgang Puck making creme fraiche for Pete Caroll and the Seahawks do you? Is Alton Brown creating culinary masterpieces for the Rams down in St. Louis? Naw. This is just more proof that the 49ers have 'made it' (I guess).

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