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49ers Offseason: Alex Smith Motivated To Thrive Following Peyton Manning Rumors

Regardless of your profession, hearing news of you possibly losing your job to someone else is never a fun situation. And when you're Alex Smith, a quarterback who took his team to within a few minutes of a Super Bowl bid last season, it must have been brutal hearing rumors of Peyton Manning possibly coming to town.

As 49ers fans and Smith now know, Manning will not be coming to the Bay Area after electing to play with the Broncos. And while some players might be bitter about what transpired a few months back, Smith is using it as motivation.

Here's Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee with the latest.

The 49ers and Smith were slow to agree to a contract deal. And before they did, the 49ers pursued Peyton Manning, who eventually chose to sign with the Broncos. Smith today reiterated that there were no hard feelings between him and Harbaugh. But he did allow that the episode was "a little awkward" for a week or so and will serve as motivation.

"Certainly there are a lot of forms of motivation," said Smith, who eventually signed a three-year deal with the 49ers. "I guess that's there a little bit as far as motivation." Smith said he didn't ask Harbaugh, who is back from a recent home-building mission in Peru, to caddy for him. Harbaugh and his staff will be preparing for training camp at the time.

It's good to see Smith acting like a professional here, and the 49ers can only hope their former No. 1 pick uses this to become an even better quarterback.

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