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Alex Smith Won't Have Jim Harbaugh On The Bag At American Century Championship

This is the time for some serious R&R for most of the NFL; time to be spent with friends and family, enjoying their summer free time the best way they see fit. One of the favorite pastimes of many a pro athlete is of course golf, and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith is no different. So when asked about the upcoming American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe that he and 80 or so athletes and celebrities will be taking part of, Smith was undoubtedly excited.

But before you get ahead of yourself, the answer is no. Jim Harbaugh will not be his caddy for the tournament.

Smith caddied for Harbaugh at AT&T Pro Am at Pebble Beach back in February, when NFL free agency and all the Peyton Manning hoopla was in full force. Now in a slower time for both men, Harbaugh will not be joining Smith at Edgewood Tahoe later this month.

Instead, Smith will be re-united with his former college coach Urban Meyer, who will also be taking part in the tournament. Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer will be in attendance for the tourney, as will the likes of Tony Romo and Smith's week 1 opponent and Bay Area native Aaron Rodgers.

The tournament is set for July 17-22 with all three round televised on the NBC Network.

For more on the American Century Championship, make sure to check out their official website.

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