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Michael Crabtree Hates The Preseason, Or At Least His Feet Do

Wide receiver Michael Crabtree has just missed another day of training camp, and he's "working through something." That's the official word on his status, though our hawk-eyed beat writers have noticed that it's a foot injury of some kind. Crabtree has had foot problems since coming into the NFL, and they've kept him out of the preseason. Usually, he comes back right after the end of the preseason, but doesn't partake in any of it.

And as such, he's usually really, really bad at the start of the season. Crabtree has been so laughably bad in weeks one and two in the past, and that's probably due to the fact that he's never a participant in preseason. Now, nobody is going to make the claim that he's a diva at this point or that he's faking injuries.

But come on.

At any rate, this is all just a little posturing at this point, as it's likely Crabtree will come back prior to the end of this preseason, which gets started on Aug. 10. Or will he? The issue with what's going on right now is that there's no official word on what his injury is.

All that we know is a statement from Trent Baalke saying "absolutely not" in regards to whether or not his current injury is in relation to the past injuries with his foot. That in itself is somewhat worrying when it comes to Crabtree. Sure, the 49ers aren't keen on sharing most information with the media, but we generally know what is ailing a player and to what extent said player is ailed.

Who knows what's going on at this point?

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