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49ers Training Camp: Randy Moss With 'A Little Pep In His Step'

San Francisco 49ers training camp for 2012 is underway and one of the more intriguing storylines to watch over the next few weeks will be the performance of free agent signee Randy Moss. Will he make the roster? Will he find the form that once made him one of the premiere deep threats in the game? We shall see, but he gave fans an idea of how things were going with his first comments since being signed on March 12th.

MercuryNews' Cam Inman shares some of his comments. "By me signing here, being around a great group of guys young and enthusiastic, makes me feel young," said Moss. He went on to talk about his motivation, noting, "I'm not an individual. I've never been an individual through the course of my career. I'm not about breaking records. They come and go. I love being around the game of football and being in the locker room. These guys are young and enthusiastic, and I feel young. Coach Harbaugh, he came in fired up from Day 1."

As for how things are going with Alex Smith, the latest quarterback he'll be catching passes from?

"It's a work in progress. I look forward to going out and competing every day. I feel pretty good physically. ... It's a feeling I haven't felt in a while, being around young guys. Makes me feel good. I've got a little pep in my step."

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