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49ers Stadium in Santa Clara: Reserved Seat Ticket Pricing Announced

The pricing for reserved tickets in the soon-to-be-built 49ers stadium in Santa Clara have been announced today by the Santa Clara Stadium Authority and Legends Sales & Marketing. The launch marks the beginning of Phase II of the of seat allocation process, targeting reserved seat sales for 49ers season ticket holders.

As part of the ticket sales release, in order to purchase season tickets, you must also pay a one-time fee called a Stadium Builders Licenses (SBLs). Per Legends, "an SBL is a one-time cost that gives buyers control of their seats for 49ers home games. They are good for the life of the building and have additional benefits, including priority to purchase tickets for most other events that will be held at the stadium." Most of the SBL seats will cost anywhere in a range from $2,000-$6,000, with a few going for $12,000 each.

As for individual games, once you've purchased your SBL and locked down your season tickets, prices will range from $85 to $200 in the reserved sections. Almost half will be $100.00 or less beginning with the 2014 season, and there will be a three-year price freeze on season tickets in effect at the stadium.

For more details on how to get your own season tickets, make sure you head over to the Santa Clara Stadium Website, where they've outlined more of the rules and stipulations, financing plans and the like.

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