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San Francisco Votes To Let 49ers Break Lease A Year Early

The San Francisco 49ers will be leaving Candlestick Park as soon as they possibly can. After the 2013 season, they're headed to South Bay. Here's the report courtesy of CSN Bay Area and CSN California.

San Francisco city officials voted unanimously Tuesday to allow the 49ers to break their lease a year early at Candlestick Park in 2014, when construction should be finished on the new Santa Clara stadium.

S.F. Supervisor Mike Farrell penned the proposal that released the team early. Under the new terms of lease, the 49ers will still be required to pay the city of San Francisco the minimum rent on Candlestick for their 2014 season.

With the Santa Clara stadium likely to be finished in two years, there were worries that the 49ers might be forced to stick to the full lease of Candlestick, which would've forced them to play an extra year at the stadium. But it's looking like that the 49ers will make their move to South Bay by the end of the year. San Francisco will have to pay a little extra to the city, but it could be worth it for getting into their shiny new palace 30 miles south as quickly as they can.

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