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49ers Offseason 2012: Perrish Cox Competing For CB Position

As the San Francisco 49ers continue with their OTA's, head coach Jim Harbaugh has a lot on his plate and even more things to think about. One of those thinking points is cornerback Perrish Cox, and how he brings more to the table than being just a solid special teams player.

Harbaugh spoke about Cox in his weekly press conference on Tuesday:

What do you see with CB Perrish Cox?

"That he can be a two-phase player. I think he'll contribute not only in the special teams, but he'll have a shot in our secondary. And it's a spot yet to be determined, in terms of where he'll contribute as the nickel corner. But he has the ability to do both of those, but that's been good. [CB] T [Tarell] Brown's having a real outstanding camp. I think our whole secondary is really performing very well. We've had a lot of passing work, a lot of throwing work has been the emphasis. [CB Chris] Culliver has really made strides. So has [CB Tramaine] Brock. Brock is really playing fast, really playing confident. And his speed is showing more this year than we noticed last year. [S] Donte Whitner, who you just talked to, has been very solid. Also [S] C.J. Spillman is making a real, real push and playing very well. So, secondary-wise and then some of those others I mentioned stand out right now."

With all of the offensive play-makers added to the team, much of the focus of intra-team competition has been on positions like wide receiver and running back. Cornerback is silently becoming one of the tighter races on this team with a number of solid options to utilize come the fall. Still, Cox is a year removed from the game do to injury, though Harbaugh doesn't seem him showing any signs of slowing down.

When we talked to Perrish Cox last week about his conditioning, even though he's been out for a year, he said he's kept himself in good shape. Did you see that too? Or did he have rust that he knocked off these last couple of months?

"Well, if he did, if he had rust or conditioning issues, it sure hasn't been noticed."

Add this to the list of intriguing positional battles on this 49ers team heading into the 2012-13 season.

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