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Dashon Goldson's Absence Beneficial For C.J. Spillman; 49ers Need Not Worry About Him Anyway

San Francisco 49ers safety Dashon Goldson is many things. He's a big hitter with a nose for the ball - a guy who looks to make the big play and gives it his all and doesn't get discouraged when he doesn't succeed. One thing Goldson is not ... is an idiot.

It's not worrying in the slightest that Goldson hasn't showed up to any of the organized team activities thus far. You shouldn't be even a little bit concerned about Goldson's shape or mentality. Maybe you don't like his style of play and you're just worried in general, but don't think for a second that he's the kind of player to come in unprepared.

This isn't like when Aubrayo Franklin had that monster season and was hit with the franchise tag. He came back at the end of camp and preseason looking like a bloated carcass. It took him roughly six games to even look like a starter anymore. By the halfway point of the season, he was back to form, but the damage was done.

Now, if Goldson were to come into the season like that, it would definitely hurt the 49ers a lot more than their nose tackle being pushed around. Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman have the speed to make up for mistakes at the safety position, but it'd certainly get old fast. The good thing about all this is what we've already talked about: Goldson isn't that kind of person.

He'll play hard ball and we'll hear that he and the 49ers are about $1 million apart when it comes to contract talks, but when its all said and done, he'll be here. If you need some further consolation on the matter, take solace in the fact that C.J. Spillman is taking plenty of first-team snaps in Goldson's absence, and that certainly bodes well for him.

We previously talked about why Spillman will be the primary backup this season, so the reps do nothing but help at this point. Who knows - maybe Spillman will turn out to be pretty darn good and takes the starting job. You decide whether or not that's hyperbole.

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