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Jim Harbaugh Has Plenty Of Job Security With San Francisco 49ers

A well-known publication around the NFL recently ranked the job security of every head coach, and to the surprise of absolutely no one, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has very little to worry about. Harbaugh won the NFC West with very little difficulty in 2011, took his team to within just a few bad breaks of a Super Bowl appearance, and now has one of the favorites to win it all next season.

Where did Harbaugh's job security rank among all the other coaches in the league?

Check out the entire article here from Pro Football Weekly. Here is what they had to say about Harbaugh and the 49ers.

That's how big an impression Harbaugh left in his first season in San Francisco: He's ahead of a few Super Bowl-winning coaches here, not to mention his older brother. The Niners are back in business, and they nearly made the franchise's sixth Super Bowl before losing in overtime in the NFC championship game last season. Everyone has bought in: the fans, management, Alex Smith, Vernon Davis and maybe even Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss. Harbaugh owns that town now, and though some have wondered privately about his waxing arrogance being a problem down the line (Rex Ryan might have a comment about that), even a miserable flop this year would not cause him to lose his job. The worst win percentage he could have after 32 games would be .406.

What Harbaugh needs to do to keep his job in 2013: Not pull a Woody Hayes and strangle someone from another team. On a completely unrelated note, good buddy Jim Schwartz and the Lions visit Candlestick in Week Two.

Oh yes, week two should be a glorious one. The 49ers have found themselves a heck of a coach, folks, even if he is a little crazy.

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