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49ers' Justin Smith a Great Bargain, Says Jason La Canfora (and Everyone Else)

CBSSports' Jason La Canfora recently assembled a list of the 11-best bargains in the NFL, according to their contract salary, and to go along with that list he also put together the 11 players with worst contracts in the league. Not surprisingly, San Francisco's Justin Smith was right there near the top of the list of biggest bargain players. Says La Canfora:

Justin Smith, DE, 49ers, $6.375M: Smith is heading into his third season after redoing his deal, but man if he isn't outperforming it again. He might have been the best defensive player in the NFL last season, and certainly was the central figure in San Francisco's resurgence. Without his wrecking-ball presence, I can't help but wonder if those linebackers would be as effective. Among all defensive ends, Smith stands 12th in average per year, and when Julius Peppers sets the market at this position at $14 million a year, Smith is certainly worth more than half that. He'll cost the 49ers a very manageable $8 million in 2013. Guys like Calais Campbell will pull in $17 million in 2012 alone, including bonuses, and Glenn Dorsey will make more on a cash basis than Smith this season.

Smith's neverending list of accolades this offseason continue, and for a guy who just may be the best interior lineman in the game - not to mention possibly the best non-skill position player in the game - $6.375M is a bargain basement price.

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