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David Akers Amongst NFL's Most Overrated, According To ESPN

The San Francisco 49ers have stock piled their roster full of talent, though there still are some out there who feel some of their players area bit overarated. One such person is ESPN's KC Joyner, who named kicked David Akers amongst the most overrated players in the league.

Make the jump to see what he had to say.

Here is Joyner with the commentary:

It's true that Akers was incredibly accurate on kicks of 39 or fewer yards (he made 31 out of 32), but he wasn't anywhere near as good on long-distance kicks. Akers' 13-for-20 performance on kicks of 40 yards or more equates to a 65 percent conversion rate that ranked 12th out of 13 kickers with at least 15 field goal attempts from that distance. From a quantity standpoint, he was worthy of the NFC Pro Bowl kicker spot, but from a quality perspective, Akers fell quite short.

Akers was a main cog of the 49ers playoff run last year and was a terrific story after leaving the Eagles with playoff miscues kicking him out the door. He may have struggled from distance, but overall was very solid in 2011.

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