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Fantasy Football 2012: What Does Randy Moss Do For 49ers Receivers?

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It's about that time to start thinking ahead to your 2012 NFL Fantasy Football draft(s), and the overhaul of the 49ers receiving corps makes for some big question marks. Last year, Michael Crabtree was the receiver to keep an eye on when it came to San Francisco, but with the additions of Randy Moss, Mario Manningham, and rookie A.J. Jenkins, things are a little more muddled as you attempt to account for which players should get the most targets, catches, yards, and touchdowns.

The staff at recently weighed in on the Niners' new possible depth chart as it relates to fantasy football, noting:

[Randy Moss'] revival also seems to be encouraging Crabtree to up his game as well. After spending the last three seasons as the No. 1 with no competition, the young receiver will now have to earn his targets. He, too, has been praised during this minicamp, his first without any lingering injury issues. At first glance, one would think both players' fantasy values would get a boost, but Crabtree racked up a career-high 874 yards last year largely due to his 72 receptions. Moss will likely eat into those totals, and adds another red-zone target for QB Alex Smith. Both players will still be good value picks, but neither should be considered more than a No. 4 WR in fantasy drafts.

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