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49ers Advance to Semifinals in PFW Bracket For Best Defense In NFL

It should surprise no one that the San Francisco 49ers have advanced, by fan vote, to the semi-finals in ProFootballWeekly's "Best Defense in the NFL" bracket. Meeting them there are surprise upstarts and NFC West rivals - the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks surprised last week by besting Houston's vaunted and respected defense in the vote, but life gets no easier for them as they face one of the favorites to win the whole tournament - Vic Fangio's 49er defensive unit.

The experts at PFW are fairly united in their support of the 49ers, and Producer Mark Schoeck even goes so far as to implore Niner fans to come to the polls in droves:

"Let's think of it this way: If the Seahawks pass defense is their selling point, and the Seahawks pass defense was 11th best in the NFL a year ago, is the Seahawks selling point a very good selling point? I think of how fascinated I was watching the 49ers defense week after week in 2011 waiting to see if they'd give up a rushing TD, and then I think of how I was never fascinated by the Seahawks defense at any point in any game. 49ers fans, get your team to the bracket championship. Please."

Head over to ProFootballWeekly to check out the rest of the analyst's takes and to cast your vote.