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Sacramento Kings Draft Rumors: Damian Lillard Well-Liked, Thomas Robinson Not Being Worked Out

The Sacramento Kings are still looking at who they'll take with their lottery pick. Sacramento is slated to pick fifth overall in the first round, and it's still unknown who they'll end up selecting.

Kansas power forward Thomas Robinson is one player that fits Sacramento pretty well. Robinson is an athletic power forward who can crash the boards and really complement DeMarcus Cousins on the frontline. Robinson might be a little bit out of reach though, as he's likely to go somewhere very soon behind Anthony Davis at the number one pick. The news seems to reflect that decision.

Weber State point guard Damian Lillard could very well be a potential pick as well. Although Sacramento has a glut of guard, Lillard is that impressive that they might well take him.

Clearly Isaiah Thomas has been solid as their starting point guard, but he's probably best suited as the first guard off the bench as a change-of-pace player when people glimpse his full potential as a weapon on a great taem.

Talk about the Kings looking at Lillard or Robinson over at Sactown Royalty.

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