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Fantasy Football 2012: Three 49ers Players to Avoid

Entering the 2012 season, we're discussing fantasy football values. Since most gamers prefer to own their favorite teams players, we're providing information about which ones will be worth a roster spot and which ones will not. The follow analysis covers three 49ers players to avoid or be wary of come this year's fantasy draft.

Frank Gore, RB:

Surprising, I know, especially for a 5-time 1,000-plus yard rusher. Gore is used to tempting fantasy gamers into taking him in the early rounds but not this year, it will be different.

As a continuance of what the 49ers staff did last year, they're going to rest Gore any chance they get. On top of that, the Niners all-time leading rusher is now sharing carries with maybe the league's most crowded backfield. There will also be certain game situations may call for LaMichael James or Brandon Jacobs, taking the ball out of Gore's hands.

And finally, there's also always the injury bug to consider with Gore. This offense should be more of an attack-by-committee, so No. 21's numbers should dilute. I would recommend taking a chance on him in the early-middle rounds, but certainly not as a high as a pick as he once was.

Randy Moss, WR:

For as much positive feedback as we've gotten out of Santa Clara, the fact remains that we just don't know yet. Moss' role and ability within the offense is still being determined - but it is still Randy Moss. He should be better as a late round pick-up, rather than an investment at the WR position.

The odds are Moss proves to be a great flex option but Michael Crabtree will be the guy in San Francisco. Moss should have less targets than a lot of other wide receivers in the league but I wouldn't wait to see if he falls to your league's free agency. He could become a go-to in scoring situations which would boost his value, bit targets, receptions and yards shouldn't be significant enough for him to be a primary receiver in most fantasy leagues.

Mario Manningham, WR:

Like Moss, we don't know yet about Manningham. A lot of people expect Manningham to be the No. 3 slot guy for San Francisco; and if that's the case, why not get Aaron Rodgers' or Drew Brees' slot guy instead.

The only way Manningham could prove to be worthy in leagues is if things with Moss take an unexpected turn for the worst or if there are injuries to the 49ers receiving corps, but however talented, Manningham is not likely going to start as it stands. This is definitely a guy to keep an eye on his free agency though, and if there is a shakeup at the position, an opportunity could open for Manningham to be more of a contributor.