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49ers Offseason 2012: Brian Banks Completes 3-Day Workout, No Contract Offered

Brian Banks, the once highly-touted high school football prospect and wrongly-convicted felon who spent 10 years of his life behind bars and on probation has been finally getting back to game he loves. He's made the rounds in workouts with a number of NFL squads, including the San Francisco 49ers. Unfortunately for Banks though, not a single team has tendered him a contract, including the Niners.

Banks completed his three-day tryout with the team on Wednesday, and was certainly impressive considering his long time off from the game. Nevertheless, he is not in the type of physical condition to play in the NFL yet, and has been honest with himself about that, knowing that a deal may never come his way.

San Francisco has an open spot on the 90-man roster, but chose not to use it on Banks. Neither Jim Harbaugh nor Trent Baalke saw any of Banks' workouts this week.

Banks was exonerated of raping and kidnapping charges on May 24 after his alleged victim recanted her story, a story that took the 26 year-old Banks 10 years of his life to get out. Late is better than never.

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