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LaMichael James NFL Draft Reaction Video, Mom Goes Nuts

One of the best parts of the 2012 NFL Draft is watching families react to their brothers, sons, boyfriends, or husbands being able to make that next step and get to say they were drafted by an NFL team. From the biggest stars to the hidden gems, you'll see all sorts of exhilarating reactions of joy and happiness

LaMichael James of the Oregon Ducks was one of those players you weren't sure where he wasn't going to be picked. After the jump, you can see James react to getting drafted, and more importantly his family, and most importantly of all his mother, who has a celebration for the ages!

"The most insane reaction to being drafted in NFL history!" by LaMichael James Mom- HD (via HollyMartins)

That is some first-rate joy right there. You've gotta love it 49ers fans.

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