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49ers' Justin Smith Named One Of 7 Most Dominant Players In NFL

When it comes to making lists of excellent players in the National Football League, it's no surprise that San Francisco 49ers' defensive tackle Justin Smith is towards the top just about every time. This list is no different as's Daniel Jeremiah created the seven most dominant players currently in the NFL, and lo and behold, there was Smith.

Here is Jeremiah with the commentary:

I think the cat might finally be out of the bag: Justin Smith is one bad dude! It's hard for a 5-technique in a three-man front to dominate a football game, but Smith does just that on a weekly basis. He has rare strength, power and balance to hold the point of attack against the run. Simply put, he's immovable. He also has the quickness and awareness to shed blockers, locate the football and make the tackle. As a pass rusher, he makes it close to impossible for the offensive line to establish a clean pocket. He constantly gets push and offers a wide variety of hand moves to create pressure. The term walk-off usually applies to baseball players, but Justin made it relevant in the NFL last season. He made key plays to clinch wins over the Eagles, Lions and Giants (in their regular season matchup).

Need I say more? No, not really. All I know is I can't wait to watch Smith dominate again this season for the 49ers.

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