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49ers Roster Bubble Breakdown: WR Chris Owusu

So, we've had our early 53-man roster projection, but it's just that: early. There's plenty of variables, with the San Francisco 49ers at 90 players currently, all of whom wish for a spot come the end of training camp. It's true that the 49ers are a very complete team and that it's not going to be easy for any player to make his way onto the roster, but there are positions here and there with some free spots open for depth.

More than that, there's some positions, like running back, with multiple players who are worthy of making the roster. There are plenty of guys who project to do well, but the spots just aren't there. It's going to be an exciting training camp and an even more exciting preseason as the battles get underway.

We've got multiple players at different positions vying for the same spots on the roster, which is always fun to see. We're at the point where we star hearing about the roster bubble. That bubble that defines who is on standby when it comes to making the roster or not. That doesn't mean that every undrafted rookie that the 49ers signed will be "on the bubble." It's simply not realistic to think that everyone has a tangible chance.

Below, we'll take a look at one guy worth noting - and over the next few weeks, we'll take a look at everybody we can.

The Bubble (Outside Looking In)

WR Chris Owusu

Owusu comes to San Francisco as an undrafted free agent out of Stanford, where he played under 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. Owusu is regarded as someone with a wealth of potential, and might have been drafted high in the draft, if not for some injury issues. Owusu had multiple concussions in college, and is considered "concussion prone," though there is much doubt as to whether that term is medically sound.

In the jump to the next level, if there is something about him that makes him more susceptible to concussions, he'll be at an even greater risk. It's a faster, more violent game in the NFL, and that's the first hurdle Owusu has. If he shows the 49ers that his skill is enough to overcome that, then he could find himself on the roster. More than that, he could find himself active on gamedays.

He's on the roster bubble because the 49ers have a full group of receivers that includes first-round draftee A.J. Jenkins and free agent signees Randy Moss and Mario Manningham. His best shot to make the roster is the chance that the 49ers coaching staff believes Ted Ginn Jr. is just a return man and they want a true sixth wide receiver on the roster.