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49ers Offseason 2012: Rookies Reveal Jersey Numbers

With the San Francisco 49ers nabbing a solid collection of talent in the 2012 NFL Draft, there was a much larger task at hand once these youngsters joined the team. No, I don't mean trying to make the squad or get some starters minutes, I mean picking out their jersey numbers!

Per CSN Bay Area's Matt Maiocco:

Here's a better look at the numbers:

  • WR A.J. Jenkins- No. 17
  • RB LaMichael James- No. 23
  • G Joe Looney- No. 66
  • LB Darius Fleming- No. 58
  • S Trenton Robinson- No. 30
  • C Jason Slowey- No. 62
  • DE Cam Johnson- No. 50

Now go buy a jersey already!

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