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VIDEO: SB Nation Discovers A.J. Jenkins Nickname Origins At NFLPA Rookie Premiere

The NFLPA rookie premiere was this week down in Los Angeles, and SB Nation's very own Amy K. Nelson and Dan Ruebenstein were in attendance to catch up some of the best and brightest in the NFL.

Once such player was San Francisco 49ers rookie A.J. Jenkins, who had quite the interesting anecdote for Amy K. in regards to the origins of his nickname 'Stankin' Jenkins.'

The video is below, and Jenkins' part begins at about 2:10 into it. I've taken the liberty of transcribing the exchange below:

Amy K: You have a nickmane, or had a nickname, E.T.?

A.J. Jenkins: Well, this is the thing, they called me E.T. in high school, but in college they call me 'Stankin.'

AK: Whoa, whoa whoa. What's that about? Can you share?

AJ: Alright...the history is every time I line up on the field I made the DB, you know, 'boo-boo' on they self. So that's why they call me Stankin' Jenkins.

AK: Have you ever boo-booed yourself on the field?

AJ: Naw.


Yeah, so there's that. Sure would make a neat trick if he could mangage to make a DB do that this season though.

You can check out the entire video below.

NFLPA Rookie Premiere: Brandon Weeden, Rueben Randall, A.J. Jenkins, and More (via sbnation)

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