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San Francisco 49ers Sign LaMichael James, Five Other Rookies

The San Francisco 49ers agreed to terms with six rookies on Thursday afternoon, including electric playmaker LaMichael James and big offensive lineman Joe Looney. We do not have the contract details on any of the deals as of right now, although SB Nation Bay Area recently took a look at what figures each of the rookies were expected to earn next season.

Adam Schefter confirmed the news over Twitter:

As for the players, James was selected in the second round, Looney went in round four and Fleming in the fifth. Robinson and Slowey were sixth round selections, while Johnson went in round No. 7.

This leaves rookie A.J. Jenkins as the only pick that is yet to sign. He is expected to earn a little more than $1.2M in base salary next year and the two sides are working towards a deal.

This can only be good news for the 49ers. There was never much doubt that these guys were going to sign, but you always worry about a player or two holding out for extra money. That does nothing more than just cause headaches for all parties involved.

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