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2012 NFL Mock Draft: San Francisco 49ers Select Coby Fleener. Again.

Another mock draft comes and goes, and the inevitable occurs. The San Francisco 49ers take tight end Coby Fleener of the Stanford Cardinal. This mock draft comes courtesy of our very own Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation, and he explains the reasoning behind the pick.

The two tight-end system, the high-end version a la New England, is coming to the West Coast. Really, it makes a ton of sense with Alex Smith at quarterback.

It feels like Fleener and San Francisco are becoming synonymous with each other. The 49ers have no pressing needs, so why not start stocking up on tight ends to give this team more depth at that position behind Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker? Plus Fleener came from Stanford, and Jim Harbaugh came from Stanford, and all that jazz.

Still, you'd think there would be more variety coming from the 30th pick. How is everyone coming to a consensus that Fleener and the 49ers are meant to be?

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