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2012 NFL Mock Draft: San Francisco 49ers, Coby Fleener Popular Match

Mock draft season is in full swing. No one has any idea to pick, but it's about that time where any pick can gather a huge consensus, regardless of what position they're at and how unlikely that pick will end up happening.

Such a crowdsourcing issue appears to be occurring here, as the SB Nation 49ers site Niners Nation has a mock draft database which compiles all the most recently updated mock drafts. It appears that Coby Fleener has become the latest most popular pick based on the most recent mocks.

There's a lack of consensus outside of Fleener, which is mostly because the 49ers are at No. 30, but definitely worth noting. Last year out of the majority of mocks, there were a majority picking Prince Amukamara. The 49ers end up going with Aldon Smith, who was barely on the mock draft database radar.

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