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49ers Players React To The Gregg Williams Recording

The New Orleans Saints and their former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams have made headlines over the past month due to the much-ballyhooed "Bountygate" scandal. As if things weren't bad enough for Williams -- who has been suspended indefinitely before his new job with the St. Louis Rams even had a chance to begin -- a recording has been released of Williams encouraging his Saints players to target Alex Smith and other players prior to the playoff game between New Orleans and the San Francisco 49ers. Of course, we all know how that game turned out, but things won't be getting better for the Saints any time soon. Several of the Niners players have had a chance to listen to the recording and tweet out their thoughts. See those reactions after the jump.

New 49ers acquisition Rock Cartwright, who played under Williams with the Washington Redskins, had some comments on the audio, but (perhaps wisely) has since deleted them from his Twitter feed.

Reggie Smith, who recently left the team to sign with the Carolina Panthers, seemed to be a bit stunned by the recording.

Chris Culliver also had some comments about the new revelation.

Of course, I guess there is a chance that Culliver was talking about the trailer for the new Total Recall remake, which is at least a billion times more awesome than anyone expected. Yeah, he's probably talking about Total Recall.

Culliver apparently had a tweet up that he also deleted, but commenter Badly Browned at Niners Nation was able to quote it before it was lost in the ether.

Chris culliver ‏ @Cullyinthehouse
If Gregg Williams so tuff y don’t he put on the pads n COME SEE ME instead of tellin his players to take ppl out-I’ll cullysuplex tht boy!!

I'm sure I speak for everyone who has ever lived when I say that I would pay any sum to see Gregg Williams get "Cullysuplexed."

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