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Gregg Williams Audio: Saints DC Encouraged Injuries Against 49ers

The New Orleans Saints bounty scandal has taken a dramatic turn as audio has now emerged from the night before the 49ers-Saints playoff game. The audio features Saints defensive coordinator encouraging his defense to injure 49ers players and insinuating payments for a big hit to the chin of 49ers QB Alex Smith.

The various suspended individuals, excluding Gregg Williams, are appealing their suspensions and fines, with the appeals expected to be heard on Thursday. Although this audio only involves Williams, one has to imagine this will kill any chances of a successful appeal.

Head after the jump to view YouTube of the audio. You can also listen to the entire 12-minute recording.

At one point, the audio references Williams suggesting hits to Alex Smith's chin and then saying, "Remember me, I've got the first one, I've got the first one" and then rubbing his fingers together in the universal cash symbol. Later, he says, "[Crabtree] becomes human when we f---ing take out that outside ACL."

There is plenty of big talk in the locker room, but throughout the recording, Williams gets rather intense as he discusses very specific injuries to Alex Smith, Kyle Williams and Michael Crabtree, among others. In reality, for purposes of the appeal, the Smith comment would seem the most damaging given the money insinuation. The rest is brutal, but that goes to the heart of this whole issue.

Fair warning, the audio is graphic and contains language.

Gregg Williams Audio