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Jim Harbaugh Crazy And Conciliatory? Ask Patrick Willis And Jim Schwartz

Jim Harbaugh really made an impact on the locker room when he took over the San Francisco 49ers, and it's become quite clear that his team respects him.

Patrick Willis had this to say about his new head coach. Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk provides a very interesting statement.

"He is crazy, but he’s a good crazy," Willis said. "He’s the kind of crazy that there is not a player on that team that would not go to war with him. And when I say go to war with him I mean, he’s crazy — but most people would say, ‘How could somebody be crazy but it’s good?’ He’s crazy in that if he had to lay himself on the line to make sure that you’d live, the guy beside him would keep fighting, he would do that. That’s crazy, but he’s that type of coach for us and he has that with us."

That's really important. To have a coach that really puts that synergy together ensures a team that should be competitive game-by-game. Having the pulse on the energy of the team ensures few flat performances.

Perhaps the most intriguting development with Harbaugh had to do with his most noteworthy regular season incident. Find out what happened here after the jump.

Anyone remember when Jim Harbaugh and Jim Scwhartz went at it? That was something, wasn't it?

Well, it looks like things have simmered down between the two. Peter King of Sports Illustrated filed this report.

They don't hold the bitterness of The Nightmare Handshake against each other, though it certainly hasn't been forgotten. Interesting to note that after the handshake-turned-confrontation last season, the two actually spoke in the tunnel before adjourning to their locker rooms, and had a semi-heated, semi-civil conversation about the event, according to Schwartz. Both of them, I'm sure, would like to have a do-over on it. Interesting that Schwartz was miked by NFL Films that day. I bet that was some terrific audio that was forever buried from the postgame meeting on the field.

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