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Madden '13 Cover Vote: Patrick Willis Advances For 49ers, Eight Players Left Standing

The Madden 2013 Cover Vote on ESPN's Sportsnation is starting to get serious, with now only eight competitors remaining for the prestigious honor of gracing the cover of one of the most popular video games ever created.

One of those players left standing is San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis, who has cruised his way into a round three matchup with New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz.

These two matched up in the NFC Championship game back in January, but now tussle off the field for fan votes for the Madden cover. Willis beat Maurice Jones-Drew handedly in the previous round while Cruz took care of business against Darrelle Revis. Willis is also the lowest seed remaining by a long shot, starting the tournament as a No. 11 seed.

Other round three matchups include No 1. Cam Newton taking on No. 4 Larry Fitzgerald, while fellow No. 1 Aaron Rodgers meets No. 5 Ray Rice. No. 6 Calvin Johnson and No. 2 Rob Gronkowski round out the final battle, which takes place from April 4-11.

Make sure to vote early and often for your favorite player!

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