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2012 NFL Draft: Follow New San Francisco 49ers On Twitter

The San Francisco 49ers have wrapped up their draft, and it looks like it was a productive one, at face value. Many of the players drafted look like they can be solid contributors early on, especially on the top-end with wide receiver A.J. Jenkins and running back LaMichael James. In other words, it's pretty likely that all of these guys make the final roster, even if they don't dress on gameday.

Since they'll likely be sticking around, why don't you get to know more about them? Twitter has been a great resource for interacting with NFL players and media (ahem), with some players being downright hilarious (Anthony Dixon) and others priding themselves on being "real" (Anthony Davis), but all of whom are entertaining in their own way.

Go ahead and make the jump and we'll list the Twitter handles for the 2012 NFL Draft class, where applicable, that is. If they don't have one - pester the 49ers about getting them to sign up.

First Round: A.J. Jenkins @Ajjenkins8
Second Round: LaMichael James @LaMichaelJames
Fourth Round: Joe Looney (No Twitter!)
Fifth Round: Darius Fleming @dflem45
Sixth Round: Jason Slowey @JasonSlowey
Sixth Round: Trenton Robinson @T_Robinson39
Seventh Round: Cam Johnson (No Twitter!)