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2012 NFL Draft Results: 49ers Sign Stanford WR Chris Owusu As Undrafted Free Agent

The final picks of the 2012 NFL Draft are in the books, but the action is still flying fast and furious as the pro teams scramble to sign the undrafted free agents, who they are hoping will turn out to be the diamonds in the rough.

According to Shane P. Hallam of the Football Writer's Association of America, the San Francisco 49ers have signed an undrafted free agent that should make a wide cross-section of Bay Area fans very happy. The Niners have reportedly signed Stanford Cardinal wide receiver Chris Owusu.

Owusu, along with Coby Fleener, was one of the favorite targets of No. 1 draft pick Andrew Luck, but had his 2011 season cut short due to concussions.

In fact, Owusu has been frighteningly concussion-prone during his college career, so it is uncertain whether, or for how long, he might be able to stick in San Francisco. But the signing is great for Owusu nonetheless, so this is a move fans can feel good about.

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