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2012 NFL Draft Results: 49ers Trade Again, Pick Up 2013 Third Round Pick

The San Francisco 49ers have made yet another trade. They're sending the No. 103 overall pick in the fourth round to the Carolina Panthers in exchange for their sixth-round pick (No. 180 overall) and a 2013 third-round pick, which is fantastic value. Carolina went on to select wide receiver Joe Adams.

This is all coming from the No. 92 pick, which the 49ers sent to the Colts in exchange for their fourth-round pick at No. 97 and a fifth-round pick in 2013. Then, they traded No. 97 to the Miami Dolphins, who drafted running back Lamar Miller, and got their sixth-round pick this year at No. 196 overall and a sixth-round pick next year. So they've got third, fith and sixth-rounders in 2013 and two extra sixth round picks this year for their No. 92 pick in the third round.

San Francisco has made just two selections thus far - taking wide receiver A.J. Jenkins in the first round at No. 30 and running back LaMichael James in the second round out of Oregon.

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