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49ers Draft Picks 2012: Where San Francisco Slots In The Rest Of The Way

The first two days of the 2012 NFL Draft are in the books. The San Francisco 49ers, perhaps not surprisingly, have used their two draft picks thus far to select offensive players. As we all know, the Niners have one of the most stacked defenses in the NFL and that crew will be returning in 2012 almost totally unchanged, so it makes sense to try to beef up an offense that was at times anemic in 2011.

In the first round the 49ers selected wide receiver A.J. Jenkins with the No. 30 overall pick and in the second round they went with running back LaMichael James at No. 61 overall. San Francisco opted to trade their third-round selection to the Indianapolis Colts and stand pat for now.

On Saturday, the 49ers will be on the clock almost immediately, as they hold the No. 97 overall pick -- the second pick of the 4th round -- as a result of that trade with the Colts. They will also pick at No. 125 overall in the 4th round. In the 5th round, the Niners hold the No. 165 overall pick. They have overall pick No. 199 in the 6th round and No. 237 overall in the 7th and final round. So Niners fans could see as many as five new players come to their team on Saturday.

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