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2012 NFL Draft Results: San Francisco 49ers Trade Out Of Third Round

The San Francisco 49ers went ahead and drafted Oregon running back LaMichael James with their second-round pick - knowing well in advance that he was going to be there guy, with team president Jed York Tweeting out hints as far as five picks prior to San Francisco coming up. Their first rounder, A.J. Jenkins, was going to be their guy no matter what happened, with general manager Trent Baalke going as far as to put his name in an envelope the night before the first round got started.

It appears that the 49ers didn't have "a guy" for the third round, or if they did, he was snatched by some other team, as the 49ers have traded out of the third round and are done for the day. San Francisco traded with the Indianapolis Colts, acquiring their fourth-round pick at No. 97 overall and a fifth round pick for next year, while giving up the No. 92 pick in the third-round.

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