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2012 NFL Draft Results: Seattle Seahawks Take Bobby Wagner At No. 47

With the No. 47 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks have selected Bobby Wagner out of Utah State. Seattle took him at No. 47 after trading back a couple picks, as the New York Kets moved up to draft wide receiver Stephen Hill. It's kind of an odd pick, and represents another linebacker who might not be the best fit for them, but they know what they're doing more than we do, so trust 'em on it!

Here's what the National Football Post had to say about Wagner in their official scouting report:

Impression: A good athlete with some balance and coordination in all areas of his game. He's a 'plus" tackler who can shed on contact and make plays as a blitzer.

Wagner joins Bruce Irvin, the Seahawks' first-round selection at No. 15, much to the surprise of fans and pundits alike. Seattle originally was set to pick at No. 12, but they traded down with the Philadelphia Eagles, who selected Fletcher Cox with the pick.

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