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2012 NFL Draft Results: Panthers Select Amini Silatolu, A Potential 49ers Target

With the No. 40 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Carolina Panthers have selected offensive lineman Amini Silatolu out of Midwestern State. Silatolu is widely regarded as having some of the highest potential of any guard in the draft. The Panthers will do very well with him on their line, which is already very strong in places. Mike Rucker was on hand to announce the pick.

In the final week of mock drafts, the Niners Nation Mock Draft Database noted a shift from mocking Coby Fleener to the San Francisco 49ers to sending them offensive guards. While Fleener dominated the top pick in mocks since before the scouting combine, it's Silatolu and Kevin Zeitler who were the guys just hours before the draft. Silatolu is a player that the 49ers reportedly had more than a passing interest in, and met with him more than once. He would have projected very well into their scheme, especially considering the fact that he's, you know, better than nobody.

Silatolu saw his draft stock rise considerably in recent months, with some thinking that his ceiling could be the highest of any interior lineman in the draft. He's got a skillset somewhere in between Cordy Glenn and David DeCastro, and is a very well-rounded player.

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