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2012 NFL Draft Results: Colts Select Coby Fleener, A Potential 49ers Target

With the 34th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts have selected tight end Coby Fleener out of Stanford, taking him off the board at the top of the second round to join back up with Andrew Luck, who was the first overall pick in the draft.

It's pertinent because Fleener was mocked to the San Francisco 49ers consistently in mock drafts since even before the scouting combine. Fleener was originally looking like an early second-round pick but his stock skyrocketed after said aforementioned combine, and that put him in danger of being taken by some other team before the 49ers picked at No. 30. Of course, he wasn't taken, and the 49ers drafted A.J. Jenkins, but it's worth noting, anyway.

At any rate, Fleener goes to a team other than the 49ers. It was kind of silly that people were basing their entire mock drafts off of him going to San Francisco anyway. They rationalized that, since Jim Harbaugh coached at Stanford, he'd draft Fleener and it'd all be a happy reunion. It's a tenuous tie at best, not to mention the fact that the 49ers are very happy with their tight end situation, with Vernon Davis and Delanie Walker on the roster already, not to mention Nate Byham, who is returning from an injury.

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