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2012 NFL Draft Results, NFC West: Seahawks Trade Back With Eagles To No. 15

The NFC West just doesn't want to make a pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. First, the St. Louis Rams traded back so the Dallas Cowboys could draft Morris Claiborne, moving back to No. 14. Now, the Seattle Seahawks have traded back a few spots, so the Philadelphia Eagles could move up to No. 12 to draft Fletcher Cox.

Seattle moves back to No. 15, and in the process, they're picking up an extra fourth-round pick and an extra sixth-round pick. Philadelphia sends the No. 115 pick and the No. 172 pick. There are still plenty of great players on the board right now, but it's interesting to see so many teams trading back.

That's likely due to the rookie wage scale - teams aren't afraid to move up because they don't have to invest an insane amount of money for the higher picks. The Rams and Seahawks need a lot of pieces and not just one star player, so trading back makes sense.

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