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2012 NFL Draft Results, NFC West: Michael Floyd Goes to Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals just made their selection in the 2012 NFL Draft, taking Michael Floyd, a wide receiver from Notre Dame. Larry Fitzgerald had been "pounding on the table" for the Cardinals to take Floyd in order to free him up with less double coverage.

Floyd is a big, instinctive receiver who plays with power in both the run and pass game. He almost always win in a fight for the ball and should be add yet another bailout for the quarterback, Lord knows who that is/should be.

Were it not for off the field issues involving alcohol and DUI's, Floyd might have gone even before Justin Blackmon in this draft. Still this addition adds another weapon against whom the 49ers must defend...which matters to this writer considerably.

The other pick that would have made loads (perhaps even more) of sense was Riley Reiff, offensive tackle of Iowa. Having a shaky QB situation and a porous offensive line could mean that Floyd won't have much chance to make an impact whatsoever.

Still the Cardinals obviously felt like they needed to give Kevin Kolb some weapons and that protection wasn't as important. I agree. Plus, that means if he get's hurt the GM can say, "Hey, what are ya gonna do...Injuries happen." and quietly replace Kolb with a real QB.

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