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2012 NFL Draft Results, NFC West: St. Louis Rams Trade Back With Cowboys To No. 14

The Rams have traded back to #14 in the draft, allowing the Cowboys to come up and draft Morris Claiborne. The Rams really could hsve used an impact player on defense like Claiborne so trading back makes little sense unless the Cowboys paid a king's ransom for the pick. Claiborne is, in my opinion, the best player in the draft so any amount of picks given would be worth it. It is not yet confirmed what the deal is, but for St. Louis to avoid a player of Claiborne's caliber would have required a very sweet deal.

Rumors were floating all day that the Cowboys would take Mark Barron, but Claiborne is a much better player and is an excellent pick at this spot. St. Louis will use whatever bounty of picks they get to improve their team with quantity, not quality. For a team as bereft of talent as the Rams, that may be a good plan.

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