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2012 NFL Draft: NFC West Picks Through The First Round

Round one of the 2012 NFL Draft is set to begin at 5:00 p.m. pacific, and it's gonna be a good one. For the San Francisco 49ers, this draft will be more about how much ground the rest of the NFC West can gain on them than it will be about which new star will be coming to town. Sure, they've got all seven picks, but they're at the back-end of each round.

The rest of the division will try and catch up after the 49ers finished the regular season 13-3 and made an appearance in the NFC Championship game, coming just short of making the Super Bowl. All three of the other teams in the division pick in the top half of the draft, and didn't threaten to take the division at all.

Below, we'll take a look at all the picks the NFC West possesses outside of the 49ers. If you want to follow San Francisco's draft, check out the story stream here.

St. Louis Rams

No. 6 (First)
No. 33 (Second)
No. 39 (second)
No. 65 (Third)
No. 96 (Fourth)
No. 171 (Sixth)
No. 209 (Seventh)
No. 252 (Seventh, compensatory)

Seattle Seahawks

No. 12 (First)
No. 43 (Second)
No. 75 (Third)
No. 106 (Fourth)
No. 181 (Sixth)
No. 225 (Seventh)

Arizona Cardinals

No. 13 (First)
No. 80 (Third)
No. 112 (Fourth)
No. 151 (Fifth)
No. 177 (Sixth)
No. 185 (Sixth)
No. 221 (Seventh)

Follow along with the entire NFL draft at SB Nation and at Mocking The Draft. For more on the NFC West, you can check out Turf Show Times for the St. Louis Rams, Revenge of the Birds for the Arizona Cardinals and Field Gulls for the Seattle Seahawks.