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NFL Mock Draft 2012: 49ers Select Coby Fleener, Should Pick Stephen Hill According to SI's Peter King

The San Francisco 49ers are all about competition. Competing against other teams, competition within their club; if you aren't getting better than you are getting worse, as they say.

But now there seems to be some competition within the ranks of the 2012 NFL draft, as Sports Illustrated's Peter King says they should draft wide receiver Stephen Hill, but will draft tight end Coby Fleener in King's latest mock draft.

Here is Peter King with the commentary:

(Should pick: Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech). Jim Harbaugh likes smart, physical, versatile skill players, and because he had Fleener for four years at Stanford (including Fleener's redshirt season of 2007), no coach knows a player in this draft better. Fleener isn't as athletic as Vernon Davis, but he did gain 17.8 yards per reception in his last two seasons for the Cardinal.

King actually gives us two picks here, the player the 49ers 'should' take, and the player he thinks they will take. Seems like a good way to ensure you are right once the draft comes along, but I'm sure if either of these youngsters end up with San Francisco the team will be more than satisfied.

GM Trent Baalke has already said they have one player in mind they'd like to go after with the No. 30 overall pick, it could very well be one of these two.

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