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2012 NFL Mock Draft: 49ers Select Stanford TE Coby Fleener

In what seems like one of the only consensus picks in round one, at least among those conducting mock drafts, SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber still has the San Francisco 49ers taking Stanford tight end Coby Fleener with the no. 30 overall selection in his latest mock draft

The Niners are just looking to add depth and firepower to a team that's already on the cusp of a Super Bowl appearance. But the addition of Fleener is something that could take their opportunistic offense to the next level.

This is what Van Bibber had to say about the selection.

"...Adding Fleener could make this team one of the more potent offenses in the league, a West Coast version of the Patriots, except for Tom Brady."

A more versatile passing game to go along with the bruising power running game of Frank Gore would make the Niners that much more of a contender for the Super Bowl. Time will tell if they pull the trigger on the pick and bring in Fleener.

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